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EXESTOK has put in place an innovative system completely aimed at meeting locomotive end users and rebuilders for acquiring stock for the parts and equipment as may be routinely needed for maintaining and operating their fleet of locomotives.

Customers can benefit from:

  • Reducing the unforeseen high cost and expenses involved in the standard material procurement process.
  • Products offered on this site are material offered in stock only at a special price with immediate delivery.
  • Receiving materials offered from stock that meet the standard requirements of the industry.

Once your order is received and accepted, you will receive confirmation and additional information as may be available ensuring that your material is shipped as per your instructions so as to fulfill your order requirements as efficiently as possible.

Material Standards

The material and parts for sale are of the origin of several different OEMs or approved manufacturers. You can click on each product for additional information on application and technical details as may be available.

All parts available indicated in our stock meet OEM part number specifications and are backed up by our technical support and quality standards under the umbrella of AAR M-1003 and/or ISO-9001:2015 certified supply sources.

All stock parts pass our quality control inspection and carry the industry standard warranty as applicable.

Helping to keep the Railroad traffic moving!

Whether you need the parts to:

  • Replenish maintenance/rebuild & overhaul reserves
  • Back up Inventory
  • Fill stand-by blanket orders

Keeping the solution simple and efficient!